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RE:plexiglass covering

 Arthur:Here's another tip from my days in the autobody shop :) We used to use
a kettle of boiling water(or a garden hose attached to the hot water tap) to
remove large decals/company logos from vehicles.If you pour the water over the
surface to warm it up,then use a fingernail to get under the edge and get it
going,they will usually come away and leave very little adhesive on the
surface.Don't be stingy with the hot water:)

   And while we're on the subject of plexiglass,am I the only one to
experience warpage?I have clear plexi filler strips I built to go where the
black plastic strip(which you trim for filter hoses,heater cords,etc)
originally went on my glass top.After several days,each end of the ~23.5"long
x 2" wide strip was .25" off the glass.Here's my theory:I believe this has
something to do with plexi being hygroscopic.....the side facing the water
absorbs moisture,the difference in moisture content on the two surfaces
causing the warpage.
  Now,several weeks later,it seems to have flattened out for the most part,but
I only just finished the strip for the other half of the 90gal last night,so
we'll see how this one behaves :) 

<<  I am having a difficult time removing the paper
<<  covering of a piece of plexiglass I have. I don't
<<  recall having this problem before. It will not peel
<<  off, but rather breaks as you try to pull it. 
<<  Removing all of the stuff this way would take hours. 
<<  Any suggestions? I am soaking it in water right now.

<<  Arthur

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