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anacharis the algae killer?

Having said all of this , I am leaving for a week in
Kauai to escape any possible rejoinders and
expressions of disbelief.  See ya all in a week
Norb Spitzer

Sorry Norb's not here for *this* rejoinder, but I too
have to credit a lush growth of Egeria Densa, at least
partially, for the gradual disappearance of green
water from my tank.  I have a test kit on order and
will be curious to find out (if I can) what the
anacharis sucked out of the water to starve the Green
Plague.  It really was quite a harvest there, for a
few months.

Recently though, the anacharis, which formerly grew
fast, leggy, and light green, has reverted to a
different habit of growth... slow, compact, dark
green... and with very noticeably thin stems, almost
worrisomely so.  Would anyone familiar with the
apparently-widely-varying growth habits of this plant
care to speculate on environmental or nutritional
conditions that this might be trying to tell me about?
  I have 1.5 watts/gal of 6500k tri-phosphor, dose at
about half-rate with Tetra Pride, and change about 10%
water weekly using the very hard (200-300 ppm) local
tap water... other than that my tank's almost as
neglected as Norb's.

Ed in Monterey

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