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>>The danger lies
in the unknown species in the tank gaining immunity.
This can happen either by gaining it from a resistant
cyano via plasmids etc, or it can happen because the
dose that kills cyano doesn't kill some other bug that
is pathogenic to US :-) I realize you generally agree
with avoiding antibiotics, so way to go! I just want
to make sure that people understand that any time you
use a antibiotic you increase the risks of new
problems for the fish AND the keepers. <<

If you are using anti biotics correctly, then this really isnt a significant
concern. I've had BGA once in five years, and treated it daily for a week as
directed, and it has never returned since. If you are constantly treating
your tank for BGA with anti biotics, you then have a much more serious
problem to deal with in re-occoring BGA, or you are not dosing correctly. A
daily treatment for only a week to 10 days should not put anything at risk
or build a tolerance. Increasing the dosage slightly each day also helps.
Its no different than you and I taking anti biotics. If you take them for a
limited amount of time only to fight off infection, you shouldnt build up a
tolerance. If you take them because you have a head cold or dont feel well,
but dont really have an infection, the anti biotics will do nothing to make
you better, and only make you resistant to the drug when you really need it.
There seems to be such a paranoia with some people about using "DRUGS" in an
aquarium. I think its ridiculous.

Robert H