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Re: BGA (Another Country's Heard From)

With all the recent discussion of BGA, I thought I'd just relate a recent 
experience.   I have a 5 ga. fry tank with substrate consisting of half 
flourite and half gravel with an undergravel filter.  It originally  
contained  about thirty infant Zebra Danios and no plants.  To accelerate 
growth, I fed the fish about six times daily and kept the 20 watt 
incandescent light on, 24 hours a day.  Within a short time, the entire 
bottom and portions of the sides were covered with BGA.  I actually thought 
some of it was rather pretty.  As a result of several blessed events 
occurring with Mollies, Platys and Guppies belonging to my grandkids, I 
ultimately added about thirty live bearers.  The Live bearers began to graze 
on the BGA as soon as they became large enough. In-family transfers reduced 
the Zebra population to about ten.  I continued to force feed, added a few 
Ramshorns and began to throw in pruned Anacharis and one drop of PMDD per 
day.  I almost never replace water, but simply replace evaporated stuff with 
water from changes in my other tanks.  I never test ANYTHING in this tank.  
The upshot of all of this mismanagement is.....  About forty fat  adolescent 
Zebras and live Bearers, five gallons of anacharis, absolutely no BGA, and 
crystal clear water.  Oh  yeah, I recently threw in four sickly valisnaria 
shoots and they are now thriving.  I recently transferred an armload of  
Anacharis to an outdoor pond to revert the tank back to an underplanted 
condition   just to see what happens.  I    believe the livebearers and 
snails simply consumed most of the BGA and the Anacharis finished it off.

Having said all of this , I am leaving for a week in Kauai to escape any 
possible rejoinders and expressions of disbelief.  See ya all in a week

Norb Spitzer