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Re: CO2 weight ?

   The 20 lb refers to the net CO2 weight.  But I think it's approximate.
At least, using my bathroom scale, my last refill was only about 7.5 lb
for a 10 lb tank.  Don't know what the accuracy of my scale is in this
range, but it reads to the nearest half pound.
Rockville, Md

"Wm and Colleen Mandeville" <bcmande at viafamily_com> wrote
> Hello to all on the list--- Got a question concerning CO2 tanks and tare
> weights. I just replaced my 20# tank with a full one. The full tank weighs
> 38 lb.. with the regulator. The question I have is this; does the tank hold
> 20 lb.. of CO2, or does the cylinder weigh 20 lb.. empty, or just what does
> the 20 lb.. refer to? I have searched all over this cylinder for a tare
> weight stamp and can find none. Didn't think about all this until I got the
> tank home.