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Re: mechanism for rooting of Echinodorus

On Wed, 9 May 2001, Dan Resler wrote:

> In a stream, how would this monster get rooted? As plantlets get
> bigger do they provide more of a surface area for moving water and
> eventually get pushed over to the substrate where they root? Or do
> their roots eventually reach the substrate and somehow the plantlet
> gets pulled down? Maybe the stalk eventually just collapses, sending
> the plantlet on it's merry way? Or in a current the plantlet would
> eventually detach on its own?
> Or some combination of all-of-the-above?

The plantlet-bearing spikes on emersed E. cordifolius droop to the ground
as the plantlets mature.  In mud or shallow water they would root as soon
as the spike drooped far enough.

The plantlets are lighter than water, so submersed plantlets won't droop
to the ground.  Maybe submersed plants wait for the dry season when the
water level drops and they end up on the ground, or maybe they just have
to wait until the runner rots or is broken off and the plantlet washes
onto a bank somewhere.

Mostly speculating.

Roger Miller