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Re: bga mic

>From: "L. Merrell" <merrell at u_washington.edu>
>Subject: Re: bga mic
>I very much agree that we need to limit abx use but sometimes they are
>necessary. (FYI- my undergrad studies were in biology, I know all about
>bacterial conjugation/transduction, plasmids, etc...)
>I had tried to eliminate the BGA for over a month before resorting to
>antibiotics. The slime was creeping across my tank and seemed to be almost
>digesting the plants it covered.  All the usual water chemistry values
>were within normal limits, what's a girl to do?
> Thanks for the lively discussion, Laurel

The following method of fighting bga, I have advocated several times without getting any feed-back on the www. But friends have tried the method with the same success as I have experienced.
TOTAL darkness ( cover completely) for 4 days will do, it will not hurt fish or plants and the most anstonishing is, that the bga does not come back the next day ( or months ). Other algae are not wiped out this way.

Ole Larsen