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RE: ice cap

Hi Robert,

I remember a while back there was a discussion about Icecap ballasts &
standard bulbs (sorry can't find it in the archive) that came up because of
the FAMA article.  In it I remember you saying that you received some
Icecap ballasts and were going to test them out with the NO bulbs.  Just
wondering if you have anything to report yet?  I know that a couple people
on my reefkeeping bbs's are using them with some great results.

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net

Well at the time I was looking for someone who would be interested in doing
some sort of a test study if I gave them the ballast. I didnt get a whole
lot of interest from anyone willing to do it. As I recall I ended up selling
the ballast to someone who promised to give me a report, which they never
did, and I forgot about it. I was also exploring business opportunities with
Icecap, and then decided against it. Right now I am looking at an
interesting lighting solution from Aquarium Landscapes that uses a full
spectrum low voltage halogen on a swing pivot arm.

Robert H...busy at work as you can tell!