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Duplamat 300w transformer replacement

I realize this is a long shot, but my Dupla 300w transformer died this
weekend. I have been scouring the net and my local electronics places
looking for a replacement. After reading all the FAQs on DIY cable heat, it
seemed that I should be able to make my own replacement, but I can't find a
24v 12.5A transformer anywhere.

As a sanity check, I'm hoping someone more electronically inclined than I
can make sure I am looking for the right thing and/or point out a source
that I have overlooked.

The Dupla transformer says:
Primary 115V 50-60Hz, 2.9A
Secondary 24V Max, 12.5A

If I had to, I'd be willing to spend the $270 for another Duplamat 300
transformer, but I can't find anyone selling them in the US either. (You'd
think they'd last more than 3 years at that price:)

Any clues would be appreciated.

Jon Wilson