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Re: QTL's

> This took into account ambient room temp
> changes vs a FL T-12 set up with 60 watts of light as well. There's about 2x
> the light coming out of the FL T-12's in this set up. But you pay for over
> 2x the electric.

Actually that is 2x the electric based on a a 60 watt FL light compared to a
150 watt 3 x50watt set up...  so it's more like 4 x times the cost for the
same amount of lighting. Not the best deal based on the electric bill. If
you don't care about that much or don't use it as a main component I would
recommend giving them a shot if you want to play around. They were quite fun
to experiment with. Use them for your desk lighting or some other area of
the house later if you no longer wish to use them:)
Tom Barr