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dosing pumps and temp controller

For all you automation types, I talked to Charles at Spectrapure today and
they have a new peristaltic pump coming out.  Like the LiterMeter but can
handle much smaller doses.  Current one is about 250 ml/min.  New model,
LiterMeter 2, can go as low as about 15 ml/min.  much nicer for those
smaller increments.  The great part is you can have up to 3 pumps on it to
dose 3 different liquids, different times, amounts!  Can pick which pump(s)
to get as I understand it (different ones have different capacities)  Should
be in same ballpark as current model price wise. (which is pricey at around
$285)  Should be available in 2-3 months.  Don't know if this helps anyone
but I wanted to share it just in case.  I have no affiliation with this
company, etc, etc, etc...

Also, does anyone have a recommendation on a good temp controller for
substrate heating cables.  I prefer not to do the standard timer since I
want to maximize the time on.

Daphne in Very Hotlanta