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Bizarre bacterial "algae"

I have noticed what looks a lot like a short fringe
like "algae" growing on plants directly in the path of
of my filter outlets (where co2 is mixed in).  It is
white and appears to be hair algae at first glance. 
Very feathery.  Ruffles in the current.  I am not
talking about the whitish slime that grows around
airline tubing coming from a yeast bottle.  I believe
we settled on that being a harmless bacteria of some

This stuff is NOT algae.  Maybe more bacteria?  It is
limited to said locations.  Has anyone else see it? 
It's not a problem or anything, but I'm just kind of
curious.  Why does it take this particular form?  How
can it look so similar to algae and not be?  It feels
very slimy.  

Thanks, Cavan  

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