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RE: Bio Balls

>> Michael Eckardt last post describes a DIY reactor with bioballs.  I
>> Dupla (and I'm sure other brands as well) has a unit that also uses
>> bioballs.  What's the theory behind the use of bioballs in a CO2 reactor?
>> To somehow breakup the CO2 bubbles?
>Just more surface area for gas exchange.
>Tom Barr

Another benefit is that with your average upside down tube the bubbles can
shoot out he bottom easier without anything stopping it, and the bio balls
help prevent that.  I'm working on replace my Buscke reactor (which I think
sucks) with the old upside down tennis ball tube with some powerhead current
flowing up into it, it just so happened that someone brought up bio balls
just in time so that I can work them into my design before I get the new
setup into my tank, thank you.