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re: Diluting TMG

Daphne asks about dosing pumps, topping off and mixing fertilizers. We have
been running a Spectrapure LiterMiter for almost a year on our 135-gal tank
with excellent results. I haven't had experience with TMG, but I have mixed
most SeaChem products (along with Schoeler's Natural Gold at one time too)
plus the usual PMDD stuff: potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, boric acid
and magnesium sulfate. I make up a week's supply diluted in 3.5 L and dose
0.5 L/day. There is sometimes a bit of a sediment, but I just shake it up
when I remember. Greg Morin of SeaChem said that there shouldn't be a
problem, at least mixing SeaChem fertilizers. You don't have to worry about
saturation points, as Jamie thought if you are make up a very dilute mix as
I do.

The advantages are several. You can get very accurate dosing this way,
since you are measuring out weekly amounts, rather than daily, or fractions
of daily, amounts. I keep a detailed log of how much of each I add each
week, and adjust the amounts according to my test results. The
concentrations in the water column (like iron) remain quite constant. Also,
you can choose the dilution you want according to the evaporation rate of
your tank.  The real drawback is, of course, the cost of the dosing pump.
But it's great to hear it squirt in the fertilizer every 10 min!

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