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Re: which plants will jobes spikes help?

John Guild wrote:

> i have the following selection of plants in my tank and i was wondering which
> of them would be helped by jobes plant spikes stuck in the substrate near the
> roots.
> micro sword (lileaopsis brasilensis)
      I've tried them with lileaopsis and noticed no effect

> crypt.  walkeri
      I've used them; they work but the effect wasn't very noticable

> java ferm (microsorium pteropus)
      An attached rather than rooted plant.  You need to give it
      in the water.

> dwarf lily (nymphea stellata)
      I've used jobes on nymphea with good results.

> blood stargrass (didiplis diandra)
      I've used jobes spikes on d. diandra, but noticed no effect

> crypt. wendtii red
      as with C. walkeri

> anubias frazeri
> dwarf onion (zephyranthes candida)
> water onion (crinum thaianum)
      I don't grow these.

> anubias nana
      I've used jobes spikes on a. nana; the plants show some effect.
      A. nana is probably better treated as surface-attached plants
      rather than as a rooted plant, and fed like java fern.

> also - do you put a whole spike in for each plant? how often do you replace
> them?

I use all of a spike, half of a spike or a quarter of a spike depending
on the size of the plant and the thickness of the substrate.

Most of us keep some plants that are either floating or
surface-attached.  Those plants can't be effectively fertilized with
jobes spikes or any other substrate fertilizer.  You need to use
water-column fertilizer for those plants, and all the other plants in
the tank will use the same fertilizer.  As long as you have some plants
that must have water-column fertilizer then it's probably best to use
jobes spikes or other substrate fertilizers mostly to give an extra
boost to rooted heavy-feeders like big sword plants or water lilies, and
maybe as special treatments for special problems, like new plants.

Roger Miller