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Slow snail eater - mini FW Puffers

I've been looking for a snail eater that I could actually remove from the 7
footer if I got tired of it or it proved to be a bad act.  I think I found
one in these dwarf puffers that are making their way around the country.  I
kind of doubted my buddy when he said these little 1/2 inch puffers could
actually eat snails and didn't nip fins.  He has seen them eat them but I
really didn't believe it.  Well the group of 8 has been on patrol for about
a month now and I'm actually finding ramshorn shells on the gravel.  In the
past I might find 1 every other week so I know they're doing their job.  If
I had put loaches in this tank I never would have been able to catch them
again.  I found them through Steve Lundblad's site at:
http://www.cichlidexchange.com/  You'll have to call and ask for them though
as I couldn't find them on the weblist.  Maybe you can find them at your
LFS.  So far no nips on the Monties, the bows, the Limias, the rosy barbs,
or the Kribs.  I've stopped pulling snails out of this tank now and I'm
pretty sure the population is receding.  If you have a snail problem give
them a try, I think they'll work pretty well.  And if somehow you become
bored with them, one swish of the net and you'll have them.

Gary Lange
gwlange at mindspring_com