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Re: red flames

>>Diana asks about the Red Flame Sword. You can see a picture of ours at
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/flame.htm (you can compare it to the
red-spotted ozelots we have in other pictures) and Diana's description is a
good one. It's a lovely plant (I think it's just Echinodorus "Red Flame") --
ours is less prolific than the ozelots, which put up flower
stalks very regularly.  We got ours in a trade, but two online sources folks
can try are The Plant Connection (ask for Gloria)
http://www.aquariumplantsonline.com/ which gets them in from time to time,
and perhaps Robert H. at http://www.aquabotanic.com/<<

If I remember Diana correctly, she got hers from me. As someone else pointed
out, you can find out the history of this cultivar from Tropica. However, it
is real difficult to go strictly by pictures. Any sword plant can vary
greatly in it's appearance and even leaf structure.  Osiris, Ozelot, red
flame, and even Oriental can all look very simular, or quite different. I
had one oriental sword that sent out big round leaves, and elongated leaves
like a rubin, on the same plant! Coloring can vary greatly, (the amount or
lack of) and besides that there is emmersed and submersed leaf structure and

Most of the Red Flames now available in the USA are imported from Singapore,
as I do not think Florida Aquatic Nuseries is producing this plant. They
have their own cultivar, "Indian red". The main constant characteristic of
the red flame is the etched like color pattern that you can see in both
Jared's picture and Tropicas'. Perhaps Jared can share any observations of
how his colored up, and if he noticed any difference in leaf structure as
the plant grew.

Robert Paul H
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