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Re: algae

> The problem? I would really like to cultivate this sucker. To my bizarre
> eye it is beautiful. Anyone know what it could be? Tom? Is this possibly
> hair algae and I just haven't been able to grow it well before? LOL!
> Seriously. I would like to know.

Branched green algae? Something called haystack(to planted tank folks) that
often gets lodged in the gravel might be it. That's a Cladophora species.
Amano shrimps en masse will eat it. Rosey barbs and other hair algae eaters
will naw on it. It's not bright green though. More a dark forest green. Send
me a sample and I'll let you know what it is. But........that will likely
not help you to grow it so knowing that will not really help too much in
most cases. 
Tom Barr