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Re: Diluting TMG

Alex<pcalex at yahoo_com> wrote:
> Subject: Diluting TMG
> I've been diluting Tropica MasterGrow in bottled RO water for convenience in
> daily dosing.  was wondering if this practice did
> anything undesired to the iron, like making it "unchelated". I don't know
> what exactly unbinds Fe in aquarium water, so it might be possible that some
> of the Fe in my solution might have converted into an unusable form.

It's fine. It's only diluted, no conversions. The "unbinding" can be 
done by time, heat, bright light, and chemicals rxns. 

> Also, does anyone know if the Seachem Iron test kit measures the type of
> chelated iron in TMG? I heard TMG has a strong chelator. And the iron that's
> called "ionic" in the test kit instructions, is it usable by plants?

I don't use Seachem kits, but I would venture to say yes. And, yes, 
ionic iron is usable. Fe +2 is ionic, as well as most constituents 
that make up our marco and micro solutions.
Jamie    <"\\\><  Aquatic plants, water chemistry, and cichlids