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RE: Un-carboning Eclipse filters

>Also, I have a Marineland Eclipse tank and I would like to quit using
>the Marineland filters, because I don't like using carbon with my tanks.
>Has anyone ever come up with a homemade alternative?
>I use Penguin 125s on my 10 gallon tanks. I take a new filter and cut a
>slit along the top and shake the carbon out of it. When flow slows I
>rinse and scrub the filter with a toothbrush and put it back in. I can
>use one almost indefinitely.

I have Marineland filters as well and have done the above to get the carbon
out of the filter, as well. I've also just pulled the whole thing apart and
used rubber bands to attach a cut to fit piece of filter felt to the plastic
frame. But just dumping the carbon works quite well. I clean mine under the
hose in the back yard. You can rinse the blue stuff pretty darn clean that
way, even from my 90 gallon African tank - and those guys can clog up a
filter! <g> I get at least 6 months or more from on of those Marineland

 New Hampshire, USA

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