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RE: Un-carboning Eclipse Filters

Hi Neal and Mo,

I have an Eclipse 3 and also a 6, I got rid of all the extra bits (carbon and 
fibre filter pad, bio-wheels) some time ago, what I do is put a small bit of 
floss into a bit of stocking to contain any loose fibres, but with one side 
open, eg, if you use the toe of a stocking, the cut, open side, is towards the 
filter flow.  Then I angle the bundle just a bit so that a little water flows 
past, instead of going through - it still seems to catch what it needs to, and 
I change the floss every few days to a week, depending on how dirty it is (how 
often I am feeding the tank, any gardening activities etc!).  But I prefer to 
use the softer filter floss, vs the stiff sheet mattress batting stuff, that 
is harder to stuff into the stocking, so you have to use a couple of smaller 

Kind regards,

Susi Barber