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New Algae

I would like to announce that I am the proud new owner of a type of
algae I have heretofore never seen.

It is a beautiful green color, about 3-4" long now and intricately
branched like a tree. I have seen and had BBA and hair algae. No
resemblance whatsoever. I just noticed it a few minutes ago when I was
netting a zebra loach to put in another tank.

I have never had it in any tank in over 3 years and the only new thing
in the tank it has appeared in is a Bolbitis received in a trade. 

It is a 10 gallon tank set up for over 2 months now. I never had to
cycle it. I started it with a used biowheel(Penguin 125) and initially a
well grown Walmart apongeton. Over the next few days and weeks I added a
clump of Java fern, some kind of Synodontis, an anubias 'nana', 2
Keyhole cichlids, a hypostomus, Hygro Tropic Sun, an offset of 'wendtii,
3 skunk cories and right before receiving the Bolbitis the regular green
hygro(like Topic Sun but not variegated). I haven't lost any of the fish
or noticed any stress.  

CO2 DIY injected (tube into strainer of 125), TMG and a little Leaf
Zone. Hygros grow like weeds, Java and 'wendtii' pretty respectable.
Anubias has 3 new leaves and no BBA. Oh yeah, substrate is African
Cichlid mix straight (I had it lying around for awhile and thought I
would experiment). Big piece of driftwood almost the length of the
tank-gorgeous! 20% water change every week.  The Bolbitis has been in
only a couple of weeks and has already attached roots to the substrate. 

The problem? I would really like to cultivate this sucker. To my bizarre
eye it is beautiful. Anyone know what it could be? Tom? Is this possibly
hair algae and I just haven't been able to grow it well before? LOL!

Seriously. I would like to know.