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Re: Un-carboning Eclipse Filters

What worked for me when I was using the Eclipse 3 hood was to cut a piece of
"filter felt"  to fit the bottom of the filter area and place a fluval
sponge on top.  The water actually flows THROUGH the sponge rather than over
the top like it did with other things I tried.  The sponge picks up the
larger debris and the felt gets the really fine stuff.   Just rinse the
sponge once a week or so and replace the felt.   When you have enough pieces
of used felt to make it worth your time, they can be rinsed, bleached and
reused as well.  I suppose the felt will eventually wear out and need to be
replaced, but it takes a good long time (not only is this stuff durable, but
it comes in 30" x 36" sheets so a package makes a lot of little pieces for
your filter).  No need to bother with those silly cartridges Marineland
wants you to buy.