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Red Flame Sword Plant

Hello Folks:
     I have been trying to find out if the Red Flame Sword is a myth or
morph or ??  I don't even remember where I first saw mention of this variety
of plant. But I now have a specimen and have had another in the past.  These
two swords are quite different from one another.  My old one looked more
like an Ozelot sword except that the red was the dominant colour and under
intense light showed lovely hints of alizarin and magenta.  I now have one
that if it begins to redden as it matures, will resemble an Echinodorus Rose
or perhaps be more like an E. rubin. What is the latin name for this plant? 
What are some of its requirements and are there any photos of these plants
on the web that I can look at?  Is it really a distinct member in a species?
     I look forward to getting to some kind of truth on this one!

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