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Cories eating Anubia's seeds

My anubias blooms on a regular basis, but the flowers
rarely look good for any length of time.  They quickly
appear tattered and worn.  I always thought this was
due to the plant being submersed.  Yesterday though, I
noticed one of the cories in my tank feasting on the
flower, especially whatever grows on the central stalk
(seeds I assume?).  Has anyone else ever seen their
anubias' flowers devoured?

Also, I have a Marineland Eclipse tank and I would
like to quit using the Marineland filters, because I
don't like using carbon with my tanks.  Has anyone
ever come up with a homemade alternative?  I've tried
just using polyester batting but it slows the flow too
much and the water overflows and bypasses the batting.

Any ideas?


Neal De Pape

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