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Screen your e-mail

Well, someone finally got a virus past me (see what I mean about this
year?). OK by me that it should happen now - been looking for an excuse to
wipe Win98 anyway, so I simply scratched the system and reinstalled from

However, this virus is particularly crafty - undeserved kudos to the
designer. It will reply to one of your own messages stored on the victim's
computer, carrying the virus posing as a pair of PIF files. Foolish me - I
ventured to open the files in an attempt to see which files the sender was
_supposed_ to send.

It took me two log- ons to figure out what the extra traffic was across my
modem. Coincidentally I had just downloaded and installed IE6 beta just
hours prior, and at first thought the quirky behaviors stemmed from patchy
OE coding.

I've only received about a half- dozen valid attachments that I can ever
recall. For all intents and purposes, can't say I've much personal use for
'em considering the close watch required on them today. Quickest way around
that was to set my browser to delete any message carrying attachments from
the server immediately - before they even get _to_ my computer.

I'm posting this warning here, as several of the List members are definitely
in harm's way. The thing had at least three good, uninterrupted hours in the
background while I poked around the 'Net during one of the two sessions...

Erik   ***

Take particular note, as the Contest / Conference Lists are, of course, part
of _my_ address book...


David A. Youngker
nestor10 at mindspring_com