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Florida Flag Fish Revisited

Hi everyone,
I bought three FFF at my LFS because I had a sword that was getting some 
filatmentous green algae on some of the older leaves. I also had a hang on 
type of breeder with some mangrove seedling waiting to be picked up by a 
friend that were just coated with mats of the stuff. Anyways, the algae was 
gone fron the sword within a few hours and I would pull a mangrove seedling 
out with a golf ball size chunk of algae on it and drop it in the tank and 
this would be gone in short order also.

There are Congo Tetras, Otos, and three larger Cory cats in the tank and no 
sign of FFF hostility yet. They definitely eat algae though. Pretty fish 
also, at least the males.