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BGA and nitrogen fixing...

I know someone on the list (Tom?) recently posted results of a study of BGA,
and found that the samples he examined didn't have the necessary parts to
be able to fix nitrogen from air.

I occasionally get a little BGA in my main tank, whenever I get lazy, and 
don't prune the plants when I need to.  In those cases, where the tall stem
plants reach the surface, some of the leaves right at the air/water boundry
get covered by a coat of BGA.

Prior to reading about the microscope examination of BGA, I assumed that the BGA
was thriving there due to being able to extract nitrogen from the air.  No
traces of BGA anywhere else in the tank, except a little in the tubes of my 
overflow box.

Can anyone offer any possible explaination for this pattern of BGA growth
other than nitrogen fixing?

Chuck Gadd