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Algae and Barley Straw

Hey Guys,

I remember the articles on barley straw inhibiting the growth of algae about 
6 months ago... well I found some and figured I'll try some out. It was in 
this catalog called "Picket Fence" (which I am NOT related to in ANY way) 
which happened to come in the mail the other day. you get two bales (enough 
to treat 1000 gallons each for 6 months) for only $8.95 I think I'm going to 
buy some and try it out. If anyone has any comments let me know. And, Does 
it really work? I guess I'm going to find out! It won't harm plants as far 
as I know. please let me know if it does asap before i order it. oh yeah... 
here's the link to order some: 

Ryan Duff
webmaster at planted-aquarium_com
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