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Is a nutrient missing?

	I have some questions. I have a grass like plant, can't give the
scientific name, but it grows very tall about 15" and sends runners, medium
green in color (Kermit the frog green :). Well the first question is the
grass, some leaves and only a couple of them. Have turned a rust red, are
very brittle and hard to the touch. 
	The second problem is, I believe the plants is called a Ludwigia(?).
It is a green/red leaf, stem, bunch plant that grows to the top of the tank
(24"). This plant it seems to be melting away from the top down. I have seen
it do something like this from the bottom up but not the other way around.
And again it is only a couple of the plants. All of them have healthy root
systems and are anchored well in the substrate.
	I  also have a few bulb plants that I bought, which were named
African violet lilies(?) that sends out heart shaped leaves which measure
about 2 inches across and are red in color with dark red/brown patches. That
is how one looks now, bought a few weeks ago so they are probably not full
grown as yet. The question with this one is. How long will the leaves last?
A few months, weeks?	    

Aquarium parameters:
100 gals, co2 bottle and few bubbles a second injected into a fluval 403
(the only filter with ceramic disks and polyester from the local craft
store) 1/2 fluorite 1/2-2mm gravel about 3 inches thick, two 175 watt mh.
5400 deg. K. on 12 hours timer. Some fairly old (over a year) driftwood not
the Malaysian style but meant for freshwater. Also a under gravel heater
bought from McMaster Carr keeping the tap water temp about 79 to 80 deg.
Been higher, now that spring has arrived living in AZ. going to get hotter
All tests are the Hagen brand except the one noted. 
NO3: 5-10 ppm
Fe    : .1 (hard to hold)
NH4:  0
KH  :  18deg (see below)
Co2: 35 (can't trust this because of the Kh debacle, again see below)
pH: 7 - 6.9
Po4 - .5 or less (Seachem)

Started using the pmdd formula as listed at the Kribabout a month ago, with
the slight exception of the PNo3, the hydorponics store  stopped carriering
this additive. But they did have CaNo3. Didn't think much of this so I
bought it. Well at first everything was going great. The plants started
pearling praticaly the next day and grow wonderfully for about 3 weeks. But
first the good news. 
Had some hair algea problems &  BGA. Introduced two male FFF's (via this
list) and bye bye hair algea. So next thing to tackle was the BGA. Had this
for about a year now, this stuff is the definition of persistence. I was
using Seachem Iron, Florish and the Excel when this stuff appeared. Well I
moved and this meant tearing down the tank. Cleaned the tank throughly,
moved everything. Set it back up no more BGA still the second day. Started
using the pmdd  with the CaNO3, but still had the BGA and it was growing as
well as the plants