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Nutrient deficiency

I realized after I had sent this that I hadn't added
any potassium nitrate in a month or so.  I thought it
would last longer but when I checked the water my
nitrates read 0.  I stopped adding because the first
time I tried it I added just a little and overdosed
and my nitrates were at 80 ppm.  Any idea of the
proper dose and frequency for a 29 gallon to bring the
nitrates from 0 to about 5-10?  It seems the
measurment must be very tiny.  Right now I'm dosing
TMG at 5 ml twice a week.  How much is a safe
increase?  Thanks! 

<Beverly,When plants start showing nutrient
deficiencies they are frequently
deficient in more than one nutrient (that according to
some hydroponics
literature I read).  With that in mind, probably your
first act in trying
to solve the problems should be to increase your
dosage of TMG.
I'm not sure that "pinholes" in leaves of H.
polysperma is very
diagnostic, but older leaves turning yellow and
generally light
coloration even in new leaves can be attributed to a
nitrogen deficiency.  This is distinct from
interveinal chlorosis, where
the leaf veins remain green while the area between the
veins turns yellow.
If you increase your TMG dose and problems persist
then you might try
using some potassium nitrate.>

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