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Online resources please

I have a planted tank that I will be  moving in the near future, and
converting to a Marine tank, and moving all the freshwater to a more
suitable tank for the plants like the 29G I have sitting empty in my office.
I will be moving my home in the next month or two and would like to learn
about Marine or mini-reef aquariums.  I have searched online, and although
there are many fantastic sites for freshwater aquaria, there seems to be a
shortage of good informational marine sites.  So any help finding good
mailing list similar to this one, but for Marine aquaria, reference that I
can read, FAQ's, studies, and fauna guides would be greatly appreciated.

If any of you keep a Marine tank, and have any recommendations as to online
resources, or Good Books to read, please let me know.  I have read a couple
of the industry standard books, but I'm looking for more.

Would rather take the time now to learn about it, rather than after I have
moved and setup the tank again.

Basking in the warm Florida sun,