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Re: some kind of parasite infestation

>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 08:48:28 -0700
>From: "C. K. Lee" <clee at mcelhanney_com>
>Subject: Re: some kind of parasite infestation
>I just bought a bottle of Quick Cure. Its in liquid form, and its Formalin 
>and Malachite Green. Its regarded pretty highly on a couple of the 
>goldfish mailing lists I'm on.
> >If not, I'm quite sure that there is a Formalin and Malachite Green
> >combination available for treating.  I really don't think that you have

thanks for the suggestion, but i already have paraguard, which is some kind 
of malachite green formulation . . . the problem is the amano shrimp WILL 
all go to the shrimpery in the sky . . . i'm currently using coppersafe, 
which recommends removing inverts without exoskeletons . . . what remains 
to be seen is whether it removes the anchor worm . . . i noticed some of 
the worms piercing the fins, ie sticking out of the fin . . . ooh . . . 
worries . . .