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re: tank pads

I have used 1/2" foam with black plastic tape wrapped to cover the
edges.  Works, but not the most elegant solution - especially if it gets
bunged.  You said you are considering a pad  because the floor is
slightly uneven.  If the stand is adequaetly sturdy I would suggest
spending some (maybe lots of)  time shimming between the floor and the
stand.  Band saw, belt sander, etc. 101 trips from the stand to the
garage.  This is best anyway because you want the water to be level.
Foam between the tank and stand will not help a out of level problem.
My solution for a flat surface that the tank could sit on was to build a
web or frame of 4" x 4".  It gives a nice overhang and provides a very
flat surface if you prepare it carefully.  If you screw a web like this
to a base be sure to allow for expansion / contraction of the wood by
using oversized holes in the base and do not overtighten the screws.  If
the shims are going to require some considerable time and effort and if
there is any posibilty the floor could deflect after filling the tank
(mostly in older homes when the tank is parrallel to the joists) then
get the tank sturdy on the floor with any old shim, fill with water,
measure deflection, and make nice shims accordingly.  Fill the tank in
stages to see how things settle in if you are unsure of the arrangement.

Jay Reeves