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85F will pose no problems as long as you keep up on the other things.
All gases are more soluble in colder water. Colder water can hold more CO2,
O2 etc. But metabolism is also slowed down in most cases so there's a trade
off either way.
 Some plants especially some Aponogetons like the lace plant do better at
lower temps, say in the 65-74F range. Most all the others do fine from
70-85F. With 75-80F seeming to be optimal. My house is not cold nor too hot
so I haven't used heaters for years. Temp's been all over(70-85+) but
changes slowly with the seasons. I added a heater when I had Discus but
that's about it. I've had very good luck with cooler tanks in the long term
but the warmer ones grow faster. Kind of revs up your tank going to higher
temp's but it's not a huge difference compared to adding more light or CO2.
Tom Barr