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Re: Tank Pads

Roger Wrote: "I understand that
some people place some sort of foam panel below stands
and/or between
the tank and the stand to adsorb the irregularities.

Can anyone describe those foam panels in more detail
and/or tell me
where they can be found?"


For uneven surfaces I use a layer of 3/4" styrofoam
insulation sheets.  The product is sold at the Home
Depot and home improvement stores.  The specific
product I use is cut to fit between wall joists and
you get 6-8 sheets cut to approximately 18"x4" (I
can't remember the actual dimensions).  I use the
sheet between the tank and stand.  Some folks
recommend that you only use the foam around the edges
others use it across the entire bottom.  You can also
piece the foam together - that's a pretty big tank you

I have only used the foam with smaller tanks and have
foam across the entire bottom of the tank.  I don't
know how much the foam would compress with a tank as
big as you describe.  I would have some concern about
the foam compressing and pressing on the bottom
surface of the glass.  As I'm sure you know, tanks are
designed to sit on the bottom frame and not the bottom
glass.  You might want to consider using the foam
around the outside edge only - kind of like a picture
frame style, but with the bottom rim sitting on the
foam, of course.

Another hint that I heard is to cover the white edges
with black electrical tape.  It dresses up the stark
white a bit and blend in with the tank and stand.

Good Luck!

Warren, MI

newellcr at yahoo_com

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