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Re: High Temp question

on 25/4/01 3:48 pm, Aquatic Plants Digest at Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com

> i recently started my 92 gallon planted corner tank this past December.
> Everything has been going great until this past week wehn temperatures in my
> area (NYC) got up over 80F....my tank is now 83F and i am worrying about what
> it might get up to this summer.....besides a very expensive AC (my wife would
> definatley NOT go for that!!) what can i do about my tank getting too warm
> this summer??

Easy. Use an electric fan. I'm not talking about one of those large
personal-use fans but rather the small 4-5 inch diameter electric fans. I
*think* I have a pix of it on my website (I haven't updated that for a long

The upside is, it drops the temps in my tank onsiderably lower than the
ambient room temp. The downside is, I lose quite a lot of water, so daily
topping up is a necessity.

Some people say that high temps do not hurt plants. In my experience though,
I;ve found that lower temps do indeed *help* plant growth :-)

As in all other aspects of aquatic lore ... YMMV :-)

Mark Pan
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