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Re: High Temp Question

>>my tank is now 83F and i am worrying about what it
might get up to this summer.....besides a very
expensive AC (my wife would 
definatley NOT go for that!!) what can i do about my
tank getting too warm this summer??<<

With regard to plants, you don't need to do anything. 
I live in Texas and my tanks in the summer routinely
run 83degF.  I have yet to run into a plant that I
cannot grow.  Maybe someone else on the list can offer
their experience on plants that supposedly can't
handle those temperatures, but I have yet to run into
any.  People with planted discus tanks (I have one)
can attest to rich plant growth at high temps.

The fish may be another story, due to reduced oxygen
content of the water.  Many factors would be involved
in this, the most important being your fishload.  But
I still doubt that there would be a problem in 90% of

If for some reason you feel that you really need to
lower the temp of the tank, you could always purchase
an in-line chiller, as are commonly used on reef tanks

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