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Re: I want to buy large quantity of Sulfuric Acid

Another, more labour intensive approach to creating acidic water that is 
healthy for soft water fish is to make peat water see http://www.fishtalk.com 
for articles on it.  Basically, you get as big glass bottles/jars as you can 
find, add some good quality organic peat to fill up to 1/4 or 1/3 of the jar, 
add water and stir it a lot, let it sit for at least a day, stir it well 
again, then wait another day or longer, get rid of the bits that float, and 
pour or siphon out the water (it gets easier after a couple of cycles when the 
floating stuff is mostly gone), filter it through paper towel or whatever to 
get rid of the worst of the particles, and add it to your tank.  The pH varies 
from around 5- 5.5 for the inital batches, to 6 ish after about the 7th batch.
 The site above says to keep about half of the bottles on alternative starting 
times, so you'e always got half that are newer and therefore lower pH, and the 
other half a bit older and milder, for an average level each time you add some 
to the tank.  The peat water will still have fine suspended particles, you can 
use a diatomaceous filter etc to get rid of them if you like, I find they 
clear after a day at most anyway.  My fish love it!

But it is a fair bit of work, the CO2 sounds easier, if that's appropriate.  
Kind regards,

Susi Barber