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Re: 75 gallon with wet/dry

I use reef ready tanks on all three of my planted tanks. Downsize the 
bulkheads for the intake/return and you can hook the hoses from a cannister 
filter to them. They work great this way. The overflow area is also great for 
dosing solid supplements (r/o recon or the like) without having to worry 
about pre-dissolving them or anything getting on the plant leaves and melting 
them. The overflow is also good for placing the heater and any other probes 
(pH, temp) you may have. This keeps extraneous equipment out of the tank 
itself. Just incorporate quick disconnect valves in your hoses to simplify 
filter service.

Another nice benefit of drilled tanks is that should your cannister develop a 
leak you will only lose water to the top of the overflow and not down to the 
bottom of the intake strainer.