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Re: Lead Weights - Do I Really Need to Worry?

The subject of lead weights has been discussed before, and the consensus was
don't use them, as the lead will leach into the water.  I missed the
discussions and was using ONE (1) in a 20 gallon tank to hold a tube onto
the filter inlet. My small fish (tetras, neons and cardinals) were slowly
beginning to disease and die. After removing it and changing water, no more
fish loss except the ones that were too far gone. Combination of acidic
water and lead is a problem.
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> > Hi All,
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> > I need to hear the "voice of experience." I've got a heavily planted
> > with fish in which some of the stemmed plants
> > were planted with the lead weights attached.  There might be 2-3 lead
> > weights buried in the substrate here and there. Is this REALLY a major
> > requiring "immediate" removal of the weights to prevent lead poisening,
> > or should I just remove them over time while tending to
> > things and not worry a whole lot? Things are just starting to "come
> > together" with this aquarium and I hate to go in there at this time and
> > start uprooting the recently planted flora.
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