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Re: Why do SAE's....

> From: "David Berryman" <dberryman7479 at mediaone_net>
> Subject: Re: Why do SAE's die so easly Thank you
> I just picked up a 3" SAE.  Pretty big but I am hoping that it will last
> longer.

	Mine are about that big now.  They do eat algae, but are very
keen on any sort of food that goes in.  This includes floating food -
they are not shy about coming to the surface for it, though I notice
that they tend to grab it just below the surface.  The tetras can suck
it downwards, but the SAE's mouth is badly placed for that.  They were
nowhere near as aggressive about food when they were small.

>  I think that my SAE's are just starving to death.  What kind of
> food is good for Tetras and will sink to the bottom for the SAE?  Right now
> I am using flak food and the Tetras are eating it before it can reach the
> bottom.  I feed every other day.

	I would put in some sinking pellet type food.  I have some that
was supposed to be floating food for cichlids, but it actually sinks. _Some_
of it gets past the tetras and makes it to the bottom.  You could just
put more in.  I suspect I starved one fish because I read "don't overfeed"
so many times when I began this.  Another thing to try is adding flake food
at one end of the tank and adding pellets at the other while the greediest
members of the community are busy.

> I use RO water.  The water here in Minnesota is very hard.  The water sits
> for about a week before I actually use it so if there were any chlorine or
> anything like that is should have enough time to distill right?

	I think that chlorine should have gone, if the water was left in the
open.  I'm not so sure about chloramine.  A good RO unit should remove
them, I understand, and I have never had any touble with the RO water
I put in.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada