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some kind of parasite infestation

after i've smacked chilodonella in the face using 2.25% salt, this strange 
parasite has started appearing on some of my fish . . . on some fish, it 
appears as a white thread emanating from beneath the scales . . . while on 
others, it is encapsulated by a blister . . . i suspect this to be anchor 
worm, can someone confirm this for me?

at the same time, the salt is still in there, and my plants are doing fine 
. . . i think i will need to hit it with kmno4, as dimilin is banned in 
Singapore . . . can my plants survive this? is there any other cure for 
this bugger that can be used without exterminating everything else in the 
tank? i have 4 heckels, 85 cardinals, 12 diamonds, and catching any one of 
them will be hell . . . one of my oldest rams have it already . . . i would 
be grateful for any help . . .