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Re: Sources for Mangrove Seedlings

>     I've lurked in the background of this on and off for awhile, and I was
>hoping someone could point me in the direction of a source of mangrove
>seedlings.  I have a 4ft tank I'd like to turn into a miniature brackish
>mangrove swamp.
>      Any info, referrals, hints, suggestions, and warnings would be
>John Phillips                        Email:  phillips at library_ucsf.edu
>Interlibrary Loan and Information Services
>UCSF Health Sciences Library
>530 Parnassus Ave.
>San Francisco, CA  94143-0840

There is a person selling them on ebay in the Top > Home & Garden > Pet 
Supplies > Fish  section. Sounds like a very interesting tank. I imagine you 
will need a lot of light on the tank.


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