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Re: Walstad's Method for a 75 gallon with wet-dry

>>I am converting a 75 gallon tank into a planted
tank. I'd like to use Walstad's method but tank is
"reef ready" in other words drilled for a wet-dry. Can
I work around this?  Walstead (in her book) alludes
that wet-dry drive off too much O2 for her method (no
CO2). Andy ways aroujnd this?<<

Here's an idea:  Seal off the overflow grill on top
(seal plexiglass over it), and create an 'underflow'
grill near the bottom (cutting slats or drilling a
number of holes).  Ideally, this would cause your
overflow chamber to be at the same water level as the
rest of your tank, but the inflow coming from the
bottom.  No co2 loss.

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