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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #906

> My question to the group is this.  Even after six months of being soaked in
> changed baths in a 72 gallon garbage can, it is still leeching out brownish
> tannins into the water.  Should I continue to soak this wood this way, or
> will these tannins be a problem in the tank no matter how long it is soaked?
> Will these in any way adversely effect the fish or plants in my tank?  I
> have a 90 gallon planted with Echinodorus and a few varies of Crypts.

I have found that you are always going to get a little bit of tannins
leaching from the wood. I wouldn't worry about it. The biggest problem
is that you might have to do more frequent water changes, so you can see
the fish. Almost every tank of mine has driftwood in it. I have never
soaked them in bleach (I usually autoclave them). Some times the water
turns brown pretty fast, but after a while, that dissipates.


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