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Re: Why do SAE's die so easly Thank you Paul Sears and everyone

>It seems possible, in view of this bit...that they starved.  My SAE's are
first at the trough for any
>food that goes in, but if you don't have algae, and the other fish grab
>the food, it might be that SAE's in poor condition from the store would
>never get to eat.

I just picked up a 3" SAE.  Pretty big but I am hoping that it will last
longer.  I think that my SAE's are just starving to death.  What kind of
food is good for Tetras and will sink to the bottom for the SAE?  Right now
I am using flak food and the Tetras are eating it before it can reach the
bottom.  I feed every other day.

>How about chlorine/chloramine treatment?  I don't know what your
>water supply is like.  Wright commented on this earlier....

I use RO water.  The water here in Minnesota is very hard.  The water sits
for about a week before I actually use it so if there were any chlorine or
anything like that is should have enough time to distill right?

Dave Berryman