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CAE not that bad

I agree with Vincent on CAE's not being that bad.  My Dad has kept a CAE in
a tank with 2 bala sharks and 2 kissing gouramis for a very long time, 8
years at least, and all the fish lived to what was assumed old age until
they died.  The CAE got to be as big around as a Sharpie.  My dad has 20
gallon tanks that get setup with like 5 or 6 fish, there's always a CAE and
the other fish are usually peaceful fish like tetras and gouramis.  Usually
his fish will die within the first couple months or end up living 5-10 years
and dying of old age.  Also note that if the fish do die within the first
couple months the CAE is still a juvenile and not aggressive yet per the

Minnesota (currently the land of like 100,000 lakes until it stops raining)