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Re:canister filters

Eheims are quite expensive, but worth every penny in my book.  I have the
Pro 2224 on a 38G tank.  The Pro's are nice, but I think the Classics would
be just as good.  Now, they have a Pro 2 out that is self-priming and has a
flow gauge.  Also, Eheim sells Large canister filters.  There are two models
2050 and 2060 I believe.  These bad boys hold 12L (300gph) and 18L (500gph)
of media respectively.  It would be an expensive investment, but your filter
wouldn't need servicing very often.  My 2224 only holds 2L by comparison.

Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 12:44:35 - 5 EST
From: rspahn at sackets-harbor-high_moric.org
Subject: Re:canister filters

Hello,  I am in the market to buy two canister filters for a 150 gal. 
tank.  I am partial to Fluval canisters due to the fact I have several 
of their older models in use now and I love them.  I was hoping 
some of the people who have purchased the new models over the 
last several months would write to let me know how they like the 
newer models.  I also remember in the canister discussions from 
months ago that many people were in favor of an Ehiem canister.  
Could someone tell which model that was?  Thanks,  Ray

Craig J. Carline