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Re: Neon Rainbow with a strange growth?

> I noticed one of my Neon Rainbows has what looks like a tumor or some kind
> of growth on it.  It is raised a bit and doesn't have any scales on it.  The

My guess is that it's bacterial, and is likely to be infectious.   I had a 
turquiose rainbow that had a similar problem.    I treated with several 
antibiotics, but he eventually died.   

Rainbows are said to be particularly vulnerable to fish TB, which can exhibit
signs like you've described.    I'd at least quarentine the fish ASAP, and 
unfortunately, I'd probably recommend euthanizing the fish for fear of
allowing a bacterial infection to wipe a whole tank of rainbows.

When I found my turqoise rainbow with this bacterial infection, I had several
people tell me that all my bows were probably doomed.   That was a year and
a half ago, and I've had no other (knock on wood) rainbow deaths since that 
time.   So I'm not as pessimistic as some, but I still think the threat of
widespread bacterial infection is too big a chance to take.

Chuck Gadd